Part 2. Information on the programmes

Degrees and study programmes offered at UFP

Bachelor’s Degree (1st cycle) is achieved after three years (180 ECTS credits) of study. The degree is awarded after the completion of a three-year study programme.

Integrated Master’s Degree UFP currentely offers a small number of intergrated Master’s Degrees (Architecture, Pharmacy, Dentistry). These degrees are of five years duration (300 ECTS) and integrate a period of undergraduate study (180 ECTS) with a Masters degree leading to a single classified award at the end of the programme.

Master’s Degree (2nd cycle) is usually awarded after five years of study. Master’s programmes are usually two years of study (120 ECTS credits) which build on a bachelor’s degree or the equivalent.

Doctorate – PhD degree (3rd cycle) requires three years of study after a master’s degree. UFP currently offers PhD programmes in 7 different academic areas.

Other programmes:

Post-graduate Diplomas: Short cycle programmes (between 20 and 60 ECTS) that may be taken as a part of a Master’s Degree or as professional specialization.

Further and continuing education programmes: The university offers a range of programmes for further and continuing education, and is also able to tailor-make courses and programmes to suit the needs of businesses and public services in the region through Corporate Education.

Technological Specialization Courses (TSCs) are post-secondary courses that do not have the status of higher education degrees, (ISCED Level 4) and grant access to a professional aptitude certificate.

The catalogue of courses, by faculty and study programme, is available at