What is the Erasmus+ Program?

Erasmus+ is the EU’s program to support education, training, youth and sport in Europe.

It has opportunities for people of all ages, helping them develop and share knowledge and experience at institutions and organizations in different countries.

What does the Erasmus + Program offer to UFP students?

The possibility of carrying out a study period, with full academic recognition (as an integral part of the study program), at a university partner of UFP.

Students apply for a maximum period of 12 months and can combine studies with internships (including internship as a recent graduate). The duration of the semester of studies varies according to the academic calendar of the host institution and the program of studies to be carried out. For international mobility under the Erasmus+ Program, the minimum duration for study periods is 3 months, for internships is 2 months.

What places are available?

Check the places on this page.

Can one choose more than one host university?

In the application form you can indicate up to three options of universities where you want to go, as long as these universities offer vacancies in your course. Indicating several universities as options, increases the possibility of being accepted as an Erasmus+ student.

How to obtain academic recognition?

The study period abroad must be subject to previous and full academic recognition by the ECTS Coordinator and is defined in the Learning Agreement. This means that UFP undertakes to acknowledge that the period of study abroad (including examinations and other forms of assessment) replaces a similar school period of the course in which the student is enrolled at UFP.

What is the Learning Agreement?

It is an agreement between the student and UFP and the host university that determines the courses that the student will take at the host university, according to the courses to which one is enrolled at UFP in the corresponding semester and that cannot have less than 30 ECTS credits per semester. The study plan must be prepared by the student in direct and continuous cooperation with the ECTS Coordinator and is subject to the approval of the Institutional Coordinator.

Can previous failed courses at UFP be taken abroad?

The students can take the courses to which they are regularly enrolled in the semester during which they carry out the mobility period.

And in case one takes more than 30 credits abroad…

UFP only undertakes the academic recognition of 30 credits per semester. In the case of more than 30 credits completed abroad, credits above 30 will be mentioned as extra-curricular activities in the Diploma Supplement. The achievement of excess ECTS credits (more than 30 or 60) does not give the student the right to request additional equivalences.

Can a curricular traineeship be taken abroad?


What are the consequences of noncompliance with the Study Plan?

Failure to comply with the agreed learning agreement due to changes or failing implies the loss of the right to academic recognition, the return of the amount corresponding to the exemption of tuition fees, and may also imply the full return of the awarded mobility grant.

And what are the eligibility criteria?

Are eligible students who are citizens of an eligible country, stateless persons, political refugees or permanent resident status and who are duly enrolled at UFP for a degree or diploma, including a PhD.

What are the general selection criteria?

  • Highest average (up to the date of application): 80%;
  • Absence of failed courses: 10% (however, students from the Faculty of Health Sciences with failed courses cannot apply);
  • Knowledge of the language used in the classes at the destination University: 10%.

Note: Applications from finalist students are prioritized. Will not be considered applications from students who, having been selected in previous years, have given up to carry out their Erasmus+ period of studies.

Is it possible to receive a grant and financial support?

Yes, there are Erasmus+ grants that are for mobility, not for studies, and are only meant to cover “mobility expenses”. All selected students can apply for an Erasmus+ grant. Its value is defined annually and varies according to the country of destination and the number of months of stay. There is no payment at the university of destination.

I have already participated in the exchange program, can I apply for the Erasmus+ Program?

Yes, however, priority is given to students who have never participated in any such program.

What documents do I need to submit to the Erasmus+ application?

How can I get more information?

First, you should consult the Mobility Regulation carefully, check the places in your area and research more information about the partner universities you want to go to. You should also contact the International Relations Office (IRO) (Rectory building, 2nd floor) to ask any questions.

What are IRO office hours?

You can check them here.

Who to contact in case of doubts or questions?

The IRO using the email address: gri@ufp.edu.pt.