New Guidelines COVID-19


Please note that due to the current sanitary situation and consequent uncertainty, it might be possible that our academic calendar suffers some changes, as our face-to-face teaching can be replaced by blended learning in case physical mobility proves to be somewhat limited or impossible.

Here are some tips on how to get ready for your Erasmus+ exchange mobility due to the current sanitary situation and consequent uncertainty:

– Confirm with the airline company the conditions for flight changes or refund, in case that, for some circumstance, there is some anticipated return or cancellation.
– Purchase an appropriate health/travel insurance to ensure adequate medical care during you stay in Portugal.
– Book verified and safe and clean accommodation. Confirm with the landlord the conditions for rent changes or refund.
– Check the validity your ID, passport and European Health Insurance Card.

Hygiene and safety measures at University Fernando Pessoa:

– The use of protective mask is mandatory on campus.
– No smoking on campus.
– At the entrance and exit of the university, hands should be washed with water and soap or, alternatively, use hand sanitizer available in the common spaces of the University.
– In the buildings’ common areas, the physical distance of 1.5 m must always be maintained.

COVID-19 Guide

For the latest updates on COVID-19, please check our website:
For more information regarding the COVID-19 in Portugal, please check the Portuguese National Health Service’s website: and
Regarding other European countries you can check the website:

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