MSc in Engineering and Environmental Management

The Master in Engineering and Environmental Management offers students an integrated training in environmental sciences, enabling them to understand the interactions between different areas of knowledge crucial for a sustainable use of natural resources. Students are trained with decision support tools necessary for environmental management and planning.

The Master program provides not only specialised seminars, but also the integration of students into research programs. The research team includes specialists in various environmental fields of study such as: Air and Water Pollution Modelling, Environmental Toxicology, Biological Water Quality Evaluation and Environmental Impact Assessment.

At the end of the course of study the graduate will have acquired general and specific competences and will be able to develop:

General competences:

· Use general and specialised environmental knowledge and understanding;
· Apply effective interpersonal and communication skills;
· Solve presented problems applying appropriate theoretical and practical methods;

Specific competences:
· Energy and environmental systems: management and policies;
· Development and integration of industrial technologies and management systems of energy and environmental protection;
· Analysis and management of environmental resources for industrial ecology.

Core Themes

The programme provides the necessary training in core areas such as Environmental Chemistry, Toxicology, Microbiology, Pollution Control, Environmental Management and Decision Support System tools like Data Bases, Geographic Information Systems and Numerical Modelling. Other environmental integrated fields, covering topics such as Sustainable Development, Environmental Economics, Biodiversity and Human ecology are also included in the programme, linking natural, social and humanitarian sciences.

Contacts and Information

Administrative issues and Applications
Gabinete de Ingresso • Universidade Fernando Pessoa • Praça 9 de Abril, 349 • 4249-004 Porto, Portugal • tel. +351 225 071 300/335 • fax: +351 225 508 269 • E-mail:

Academic and pedagogical issues
Professor Nelson Barros• Universidade Fernando Pessoa • Praça 9 de Abril, 349 • 4249-004 Porto, Portugal • tel. +351 225 071 300• fax: +351 225 508 269• E-mail: