Visit from the University of British Columbia


On the 15th of May, University Fernando Pessoa will host a visit of 15 students from the University of British Columbia (Canada), in the scope of the “Geographies of Migration and Settlement” program oriented by Prof. José Carlos Teixeira.

The visit to UFP follows a week spent in the Azores Island,  in a program that lasts a total of 3 weeks, and includes a series of lectures taking place at University Fernando Pessoa:


– “The Impact of Gentrification in Toronto’s Little Portugal”. (Prof.Doutor José CarlosTeixeira, University of British Columbia)

– “Portuguese Emigration to Venezuela and South Africa; A Comparative Analysis” (Prof. Doutor Victor DaRosa, University of Ottawa)

– “Beyond the geography of words and migrations” (Profª Doutora Isabel Patim, Universidade Fernando Pessoa)

– “My Story, my words” (Sheliza Chandani, Dentistry student at UFP)


These lectures are open to the whole UFP community, and will be given at room Fernando Pessoa (School of Post-Graduate  Studies) from 15h30 to 18h00, on the 15th of May.